“OST captivates the audience and fills the room with high energy and extremely danceable tandas.  A night of dancing to their music will leave your feet sore and your heart happy.  Their debut album, ‘Viva Tango’ is a must have for any DJ, social dancer, or music collector.  I highly recommend picking up a copy.  5 stars!”

“To get straight to the point, you can really dance to OST.  They have several secret weapons in their arsenal which allow them to keep the dance floor rocking tanda after tanda.  Of course it should go without saying that they are all excellent musicians who work really well together, with tailor made arrangements of the most popular Golden Age dance classics.  Orchestra Sin Trabajo is one of the best and easiest tango dance orchestras today!”

“OST is one of the great dance bands in the U.S. these days, not just because of their musical talents, not just because they are well rehearsed, and not just because of their excellent tango repertoire, but most especially for their passion for “dance” music, and their personal knowledge of tango dancing (they are all good dancers). With their obvious enthusiasm for the live performance experience, they create a beautiful and sublime experience for their audience, dancers and non-dancers alike.”

“Boston, all of you are blessed to have live music of this quality.  I just want to congratulate Orquesta Sin Trabajo because they make me feel like I’m back in the barrio in Buenos Aries.  It’s a good feeling!”

“Orquesta Sin Trabajo is everything I want from a dance orquesta!  They nail it with their adaptations of my favorite Golden Age music like DiSarli and Biagi.  You know the way Biagi puts a sexy accent on the 2nd or 4th beat?  That’s the highlight of the evening for me!  It’s like the musicians are in my head.”

“Their enormous repertoire of songs and styles kept me dancing for more than two hours at the Yale festival!”

“With Orquesta Sin Trabajo, the palpable enthusiasm of the musicians, all of whom are dancers, translates into a floor filled with inspired dancing.”